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Click the arrow to hear Master Shin pronounce the Korean word

91: Ah-hune Hana
92: Ah-hune Dool
93: Ah-hune Set
94: Ah-hune Net
95: Ah-hune Dah-sut
96: Ah-hune Yah-sut
97: Ah-hune Il-gohp
98: Ah-hune: Yau-dull
99: Ah-hune Ah-hope
100: Baik
Pre-warning: Joo wee
Warning: Kyung-go
Minus point: Kahm-jum
Combination kicking techniques: Suk-uh cha-ki
Yelling command: Goo ryung
With count: Goo-ryung-eh mat-chu-soh
Without count: Goo-ryung up-si
Change stance: Bahl-pah-guh-soh

Tae-geuk Poomse #8 (Tae-Geuk Pahl-Jang, 1st Gup)

Symbol is Kohn, meaning The Earth

The Earth is the foundation of the growth of all life. It is the beginning of the life and all lives must return where they began. Tae-Geuk Pahl-Jang is the last poomse before becoming a black belt. The end means a new beginning. Perfection of all basic TaeKwonDo and maturity of character is the goal at this stage. Pride, confidence, and dignity were the results of the training. Honesty and humbleness are the prerequisites of the black belt stage. It is required to perfect from Tae-Geuk Il-Gang (Poomse #1) to Tae-Geuk Pahl-Gang (Poomse #8) to be eligible to apply for the 1st Dan/Poom Black Belt Test. The new techniques are: Bicycle front kick, elbow strike, and single mountain block. Accurate footwork is also required in combinations.


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  • Vocabulary

  • Poomse: Tae-Geuk #8 / Tae-Geuk Pahl-Jang & Previous Poomses

  • One Step sparring: #1 through 14

  • Kicks: All previous kicks in a 4 directional & holding kick

  • Physical: 75 kicks, squats, sit ups, push ups

  • Board Break: 1 Foot and 1 Hand technique of choice

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