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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I get one-on-one training?

Yes, with private lessons, Master Shin will set up one-on-one appointments with you to help you train to your maximum capability. 

2. How is Shin's TaeKwonDo Academy different or better than other TaeKwonDo Academies?

Master Shin is part of a long legacy of TaeKwonDo Masters. He teaches the traditional values of TaeKwonDo, ensuring that all of his students understand and demonstrate self confidence, integrity, courtesy, and self-control.

3. What is the earliest age that children can start TaeKwonDo?

Children can start as early as 5 years old. We offer programs that work well with all different age groups.

4. Is TaeKwonDo for adults too?

Students of all ages can benefit from TaeKwonDo training within the scope of their own abilities. We've had students over the age of 70. There is no upper age limit.

5. What is the "Parent's Session"?

The Parent's Session is a twice weekly morning class designed specifically for the parents of children enrolled in regular TaeKwonDo classes. Parents of our students pay a reduced tuition rate and can participate in either our regular evening classes, or the morning session.  

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