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Vocabulary and Knowledge Study Page

2nd Red Belt


Double Click (slowly) the arrow to hear Master Shin pronounce the Korean word

81: Ya dune Hana
82: Ya dune Dool
83: Ya dune Set
84: Ya dune Net
85: Ya dune Dah-sut
86: Ya dune Yah-sut
87: Ya dune Il-gohp
88: Ya dune Yau-dull
89: Ya dune Ah-hope
90: Ah-hune
Chest protector: Ho goo
Blue: Chung
Red: Hong
First round: Il-hweh-jun
Second round: Ee-hweh-jun
Third round: Sam-hweh-jun
MISSING AUDIO: Finish sparring: Gyro-too-gi-guht
Three step sparring: Seh bun gyo-roo-ki
Time: Si-gahn
Right and left face each other: Jwa-oo yang-oo
Step-up back kick: Bahl-ko dwe-cha-ki
Step-up spinning hook kick: Bahl-ko dwe-who-ri-ki
Jump hook kick: Twe uh dwe-who-ri-ki

Review Red Belt meaning


Tae-Geuk Poomse #7 (Tae-Geuk Chil-Jang, 2nd Gup)

Symbol is Kahn, meaning The Mountain

A mountain is the spirit of firmness and strength. At this level the practitioner's resolution for TaeKwonDo training starts firmly rooting in the heart. The meaning of self-improvement through TaeKwonDo becomes deeper daily. Therefore, it is recommended to re-examine all of the learned skills so that the base of your progress is strongly secured. You may experience some difficulties and obstacles mentally and physically. Effort is required to get through this stage. The new techniques are: low double knife hand block, palm press block, scissors block, knee strike, middle section opening block, cross hand block, side punch, tiger stance, and horse riding stance. Powerful and articulate execution is required in single movements and smooth transition in combination techniques.

  • Vocabulary

  • Poomse: Tae-Geuk #7 / Tae-Geuk Chil-Jang & Previous Poomses

  • One Step sparring: #1 thru 14

  • Kicks: Pevious + Above Kicks

  • Physical: 60 kicks, squats, sit ups, push ups

  • Board Break: With any above kick or hand technique

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