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Essential Knowledge

Rules And Etiquette All Students Must Follow

Upon entering the Dojang (school or training hall) all students must remove their shoes and place them neatly in the area provided. Before entering the Dojang, the student will first bow to the flags, then to Master Shin. If the student is late for class he or she must wait for acknowledgement from Master Shin and permission to join class. The student will kneel at the back of the room in a proper kneeling form. A student later than 10 minutes may not be admitted into class. At the beginning of class Master Shin will give the command Chul Suh (line up) at which time all students will line up facing the front of the room in order of rank.The Students will then recite the Tenets of TaeKwonDo and the Membership Oaths.


After a thorough warm up the students will begin class. During class, proper respect and discipline will be maintained. No foul language is allowed. If a student needs to leave class early he/she must get permission from Master Shin at the start of class. This does not apply to emergencies. There should be no unnecessary noise during class. No talking or laughing out loud is permitted. People waiting for their class to begin should warm up or sit quietly so as not to disturb the current class in progress. 


There is no smoking or eating allowed in the Dojang. Students are also not allowed to chew gum. Shoes are not permitted in the training area, unless they are approved martial art footwear. 


Students must keep uniforms clean and neat with the belts tied properly. Students are not permitted in the training area unless in proper uniform. If something is forgotten at home (belt etc) the student must inform the Instructor before class begins. Before and after exercises, if the uniform needs to be straightened the student must turn 180 degrees to the right and adjust his/her uniform. 


The Dojang is a place of learning. Students come not just to learn to defend themselves physically, but mentally as well. Only through the practice of proper discipline can a student learn SELF DISCIPLINE and SELF RESPECT. If you cannot respect others, you CANNOT respect yourself. All students will show respect for higher-ranking belts. All students must understand that TaeKwonDo begins with RESPECT and ends with RESPECT. 


Master instructors should be referred to by title. Example: "Master Shin". "Sir" is also acceptable. Junior students, regardless of rank, will properly address all ADULT students. An example would be "Mrs. Shin", not "Julie". Instructors may also be referred to by the Korean titles "Sa Bum Nim" or "Kwan Jung Nim". 


Following rules and regulations is a part of life. Abiding by the above standards is mandatory for all students. These rules will make the Dojang an enjoyable place for all to learn and grow. The learning process continues all through life. When we stop learning, life has ceased.


Class rules to live by

Prior to class you must have a clean uniform and body. Also, come mentally prepared to learn and to participate in class.


When you enter or exit the school, if you see Master Shin, you must bow to show respect. This is primarily a practice of TaeKwonDo culture and tradition, not an acknowledgement of inferiority/superiority.


Greeting all senior students and your master is a must in and out of TaeKwonDo.


If your belt is loose or you need to adjust your uniform, you must turn and face away from the flag to do so.


Never argue with your master. Obeying your master is part of your membership oath.


Once you are a TaeKwonDo student, RESPECT becomes a way of life. Please show respect to all others.

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